Jun 12, 2020


by: kartelba


Dear Friends, in this phase of reopening, we would like to inform you about our internal reorganization relating to COVID-19; we have activated all the structural strategies and procedures for cleaning and sanitizing the rooms and common areas with equipment and products certified according to current legislation regarding the COVID-19 emergency for the protection of all of you and our staff. We would like to inform you that we have planned scheduling strategies regarding the karting activity, we try to stagger arrivals by avoiding gatherings, fortunately the facility as well as being outdoors is also large where we have already foreseen all the necessary distances to avoid gatherings; you will find all the information within our facility to ensure maximum protection and compliance with current regulations. The collaboration we ask of you is to arrive equipped with masks, it is true that we are outdoors but during the queue at the ticket office and to speak with the staff it is mandatory to wear them precisely to protect and guarantee everyone; those without it will not be able to access the interior of the structure. At the time of registration, when you sign the liability release, the covid-19 self-declaration is also included where you declare that you have no fever, no symptoms and that you have not been in contact in the last 14 days with any person who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus,  SELF-DECLARATION. Furthermore, for those wishing to wear their own helmet, it is allowed only if full-face and we specify that at each shift the helmets will be regularly sanitized with special sanitizers as required by the adjustments, in addition to the full-face balaclava that we supply individually bagged. With a great sense of responsibility, understanding and sensitivity, all of us, together, will be able to get back to normal.